Multicultural Counseling

Inclusive and effective therapies that honor and embrace the diversity of each client’s cultural background.

As someone with cross-cultural experience and an understanding of its impact on the whole self, I recognize how cultural journeys can influence who you aspire to be.

I strive for every client, no matter their social location, to genuinely affirm, “I’m being true to myself, and I don’t have to put up a facade or pretend to fit in or hold this relationship together.” In our journey together, you will discover that being your authentic self not only brings inner peace but also attracts the kind of relationships that enrich your life.

Therefore, my goal is to promote understanding, respect, and inclusivity throughout the counseling process. It involves recognizing the importance of cultural identity in accepting and embracing all aspects of identity and diversity. This approach enhances individual well-being and fosters a harmonious community.

My cross-cultural experiences have helped me foster a bi-cultural identity while developing unique perspectives and effective strategies in addressing clinical issues related to cultural sensitivity, equity, and social justice.


I identify as Chinese, Asian, a person of color – and an ally for people or groups that deviate from “the majority” or “social norms.” Experiencing life through this lens allows me to practice cultural humility, provide culturally sensitive care, and apply individually aligned interventions rooted in genuine, compassionate, and informed mental health counseling. I understand how cultural backgrounds can influence an individual’s views and values and, therefore, how to adapt my role as a therapist to accommodate these perspectives as we work together toward your goals.

Stand proud and be unapologetically you; I’m here to support every step.

Intersectionality In Counseling

An individual’s social location is a combination of their social identities and the privilege/marginalization that come with them. It is an intersectional framework for understanding our experiences as social beings including age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, country of origin, disability, and socio-economic status.

By acknowledging and addressing each client’s diverse cultural background, social location, and experiences, I am creating a safe and supportive environment where all are welcome, feel comfortable showing up and can freely explore concerns, challenges, and goals while considering the influence of cultural context

Therapy is a collaborative process where we explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a culturally sensitive way. I’m here to support you in identifying where change might be helpful in achieving your goals and living a life that feels authentic and fulfilling. Together, we’ll work to create a plan that honors your unique cultural background.

Are you ready to embrace yourself?