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Relationships are crucial to our well-being. Through our work together, we can strengthen your relationship with yourself and with others in order to live a life of greater meaning, acceptance, and connection.




Hello, and welcome!

I’m Yuwei Wu, an LMFT, EMDR & EFT Therapist in Greater Seattle, WA.

As a Washington State licensed therapist, I specialize in helping committed individuals, couples, and families regulate emotions and behaviors, heal from trauma, and improve relationships to live more fulfilling and harmonious lives. I am here to help you become who YOU want to be.

Are you ready to transform your relationships?

Together, we can strengthen the many relationships you carry – with self, family, partner(s), surroundings and experiences. This lays the foundation to foster profound healing and change, while allowing you to live more authentically.

— Nature-Based Therapy

— Online Therapy

— In-Person Therapy

Multicultural Counseling

I identify as a person of color and an ally for people or groups “deviating from the social norm.” My cross-cultural experiences have helped me foster a bi-cultural identity, develop unique perspectives, and hone effective strategies for providing genuine, compassionate, and informed multicultural mental health counseling.

I provide systemic, culturally sensitive, trauma-informed, evidence-based counseling services for individuals, couples, and families ready to move forward.

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